Summer Camp

Exploring our World Through Literacy

Trinity School of Early Learning (TSEL) would like to welcome all campers ages 2 to 10 years on an exciting journey as we explore our world through literacy. TSEL will provide a peaceful environment that allows children to make choices, work together with others, and assume responsibility in a relaxed and fun non-school atmosphere, to create memories and friendships that last a lifetime. We welcome siblings, former students, and friends to join us as we enrich our minds and use our imagination exploring the world around us. Using our newly renovated playground, on-site facilities, and the surrounding community as an extension of TSEL, campers will discover science, nature, creative art, music, and physical development while learning about the life and cultures of the world around them through lessons based on literary works by a selection of prominent authors.


  • Create and promote a camp setting that respects the diversity within the community and enhances literacy for all.
  • Provide daily experiences, adventures, and activities that build on each child’s imagination and interests.

Download our 2011 Summer Camp tri-fold brochure.