Program Highlights

  • An experienced, dedicated teaching staff
    The dedicated staff of Trinity School Early Learning is committed to providing a healthy and nurturing environment in which your child can learn and grow.  Each staff member undergoes a combined criminal history/sex offender background check, a physical examination with TB screening, and agrees to participate in a minimum of sixteen (16) hours of professional development training, workshops and/or classes every year. Most of our staff hold a Bachelor’s Degree in early childhood education or a related field, and our teacher’s aides are encouraged to pursue a Child Development Associate (CDA) degree program or minimum of ninety hours of a credential training program.
  • Creative curriculum
    The Creative Curriculum is a comprehensive early childhood educational system that promotes the cognitive, language, social/emotional, and physical development of young children. The Creative Curriculum framework is composed of five components. 

    1. How Children Develop and Learn
    2. The Learning Environment
    3. What Children Learn
    4. The Teacher’s Role
    5. The Family’s Role

    Each of these five components is applied to eleven areas, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Toys/Games, Art, Library, Discovery, Sand & Water, Music Movement, Cooking, Computers and Outdoors.

    The Creative Curriculum provides teachers with a clear and concrete way to apply child development and learning theories to their everyday work with preschool children.

    TSEL also chooses to use supplemental curriculum, such as the A-Beka Curriculum, recognized for its distinctive Math, Reading and Bible programs for students 4-5 years old, and other disciplines, such as Montessori techniques, which is recognized for its child-centered learning approach. Together, these techniques allow lessons tailored to each child’s needs and take a practical approach to learning that keeps learning lively, interesting, and memorable.

  • Computers in every classroom, including the Library
    In an ever- changing world, computer competency is essential for young students, and TSEL values technological integration in the classroom by offering computers, learning games, and an optional enrichment class, Gigglebites.
  • A Weekly Chapel experience that respects the integrity of all faiths
    The Rector of Trinity School of Early Learning (who serves as Headmaster of TSEL), TSEL’s Executive Director, lay leaders of Trinity Church and/or TSEL designee will lead chapel. Chapel leaders emphasize biblical and universal moral values that expose students to the Christian tradition while providing room for students to maintain and develop their own religious beliefs.
  • Nutritious Am/Pm Snack
    TSEL provides nutritious am/pm snacks which are included in the tuition. Parents can monitor what their children eat for lunch in meals prepared at home and we will gladly heat items or store perishables. Our certified Food Handler will assist your child with his/her meals as well as the teachers. We are a “Nut-Free” school and no type of peanuts or tree nuts are allowed.
  • A commitment to parent-teacher-school communication
    We are committed to providing every parent with communication about their child’s day, detailing activities chosen, lessons leaned, milestones achieved, and personal needs met, daily. We also offer a number of parent forums and meetings to discuss topics in parenting, education, and take feedback and suggestions for the school. TSEL also provides a monthly newsletter, calendar, and snack calendar as well as up-to-date parent communication boards displayed in each classroom to keep our parents abreast of activities in their child’s class and school.
  • A focus on physical development
    In an age of video games and TV, establishing a love of outdoors and physical activity in early childhood is essential. TSEL offers a large, modern outdoor playground with additional play areas and gym equipment inside the school for children to learn to climb, jump, hop, run, and explore.
  • Computer, Foreign Language, Art, and Music & Movement enrichment Classes as well as Phonics Reading Instruction
  • Special Holiday events and seasonal celebrations for the whole family
    Families are special at TSEL, and we love to celebrate the holidays of the many nationalities represented in our student body, especially when parents are involved in planning our celebrations!

Hours of Operation

TSEL is open all year from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the exception of federal holidays. Breakfast is served from 8:00-8:45am and our lunch schedule begins with the two-year olds at 11:30am.

Any additional planned closings will be published in advance. In the event of inclement weather or other emergency conditions, TSEL will follow the Arlington County Schools, but reserves the right to close the school apart from ACS if the administration feels the safety of its students and faculty could be compromised. If the school day has begun, parents or guardians will be notified of emergency closings due to inclement weather or other emergency conditions as soon as feasible.


As an Episcopal School, the Trinity School of Early Learning has the special privilege of providing a learning environment inspired by Judeo-Christian values in which there is an appreciation of the diversity and value of all religious traditions.  We recognize that God’s activity in the world is not confined to the Church and embrace a willingness to listen critically and learn humbly from those whose perception of God’s mystery differs from our own.

One way we strive to encourage God awareness and expose our students to foundational religious principles is through a weekly 20 minute Chapel experience that all students attend.

During Chapel, our children learn basic concepts like God exists, love one another, help others and be thankful.  Through short stories and object lessons, they hear about the Christian tradition as well as the love of God made manifest in Jesus Christ.

They sing and listen to biblical and other faith-based stories.  They may ask questions if they desire. We invite parents and guardians to attend Chapel at anytime. During the academic school year we have weekly Chapel lessons and during Summer Camp we hold Chapel on the first Wednesday of the month.