Admissions Policies and Procedures

TSEL is Religious Exempt and governed by the state of Virginia. We are able to accept seventy-six children ages 2½-5 years.

  • Prior to enrollment, all parents/guardians must complete an enrollment packet and schedule a tour and interview with the TSEL Executive Director.
  • All parents/guardians agree to attend annually a Back-to-School Night Event for orientation and conversation with TSEL staff and Board leadership.
  • A $150 non-refundable registration fee (payable each year) and first month’s tuition must be paid in full prior to a child’s attendance.  A 10% discount in tuition is given for the second child in the same family. The registration fee for each additional child in the same family is $75. Activity Fees are subjected throughout the year.
  • Parents/guardians supply the school with the following completed forms: Health/Immunization, Enrollment, Emergency Care, and field trip permission slips.
  • Full tuition is due monthly, no later than the 5th of each month, regardless of student’s attendance. In special circumstances bi-weekly payments are acceptable.
  • Reimbursements and tuition adjustments are not made for absences.  Tuition fees are prorated for a partial month attended only at enrollment.  Tuition fees are not prorated for partial months attended at withdrawal from TSEL.  Exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances.
  • Enrolled students who are unable to be present and/or pay tuition within ten days to due date will be disenrolled and must re-enroll for admission.  A child’s active status and enrollment at TSEL is maintained by payment of full tuition monthly by the 5th.
  • A waiting list will be established when TSEL is at capacity, the fee to be placed on the waiting list is $35.00.